Particle Accelerator Power Amplifiers

  • Amplifiers available in broadband class A/AB or narrowband Class D/E
  • Power levels up to 20 kW
  • Standard and custom designed systems


CPC's Particle Accelerator Amplifiers are available in broadband class A/AB designs. These bandwidths can cover several octaves anywhere in the frequency range of 1 MHz to over 2 GHz. CPC also provides Class D/E high efficiency RFPA technology under license from Green Mountain Radio Research (GMRR).

Particle Accelerator Amplifiers

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Model Number Frequency Range (MHz) Standard Power (W)
AR-10-130-1E3 10 - 130 1000
AR-30-400-1E3 30 - 400 1000
AR-500-1000-1E3 500 - 1000 1000
PA200M07K 200 +/- 1 7000


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