Military/Avionics Amplifiers

Military/Avionics AmplifierProduct Class Overview

CPCs Avionics Grade RF Power Amplifier designed specifically for Airborne Communications Jamming and Electronic Warfare.

The core RF power section is Class AB and provides exceptional performance with AM, FM, PM, Digital and Pulse Modulation Formats.

The system reliability is enhanced in the design phase with Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) and amplifier production sub-assemblies are 100% sampled with Highly Accelerated Stress Screening.

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Model Number "CW" Output Power(W) Frequency Range (MHZ)
AR-1.5-30-5E2 500 1.5-30Mhz
AR-20-100-1E3 1000 20-100Mhz
AR-20-100-5E2 500 20-100Mhz
AR-90-525-1E3 1000 90-525Mhz
AR-90-525-5E2 500 90-525Mhz
AR-400-1000-5E2 500 400-1000Mhz


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